Individual Coaching


Life coaching

Life coaching –  it is an excellent support for all who feel that they are ready to implement some changes in their life. Life coaching gives a client opportunity for entire insight of his/her life, a consideration of where a client needs to go next and in which area the changes are needed the most.

  • I am the specialist of holistic coaching approach. I have FETAC accreditation and I abide by all principles of ICF.
  • I am going to be your guide and will help you to discover your connection with your natural abundance, joy and authenticity.
  • I will present to you the tools to dissolve obstacles and move beyond fear.
  • I will support you to realize what an incredibly powerful creator you are and work with you to create happy and fulfilled lives.
  • I will help you to discover your intuition in order to follow your heart and be able to make a better decision in life. 
  • I will support you in finding your passion and staying motivated every day.


Career coaching

The biggest mistake in life is not trying to make a living doing what you most enjoy. Career coaching can help you achieve the results you want. Career coaching is a great way to get personal help with establishing your professional goals, making career decisions, creating and executing plans, and overcoming obstacles that may come in your way.

  • Are you unhappy and unappreciated in your job?
  • Are you being made redundant or losing your job?
  • Are you starting out in your career?
  • Are you feeling insecure in your job or industry?
  • Are you looking for a challenging role?
  • Are you seeking more fulfillment or more financial rewards?

Here are some benefits you would be able to gain by working with me in this area:

  • Identifying career passion
  • Clarifying current job/career situation
  • Identifying actual needs
  • Improving decision making process
  • Increasing positive attitude and thinking
  • Improving self-believe and self-confidence
  • Improving performance
  • Producing positive results

I have a vast experience across career coaching, recruitment, HR and training environments in Ireland. I hold Certification in Personal Practice and I have been a member of Chartered Institute of and Development in Ireland and UK since 2010.


Image/Confidence Coaching

Image coaching will help you to enhance each aspect of your image so that you look your best, feel more confident and improve your presentation skills.

  • I will help you to discover how to achieve success in terms of successfully running your own style and image.
  • I will help you to greatly increase your confidence, self esteem and self belief.
  • I will help you to discover how to dress with style and confidence.
  • I will help you to work on your communications and presenting skills.


Wellness/Well-being Coaching

As a Certified Silva Method Instructor, I will support you in developing and applying the practical skills to naturally and easily increase productivity, lower medical costs, stay focused, positive and motivated in addition to becoming more creative – intuitive in your ability to create solutions and get into FLOW.

Here are some benefits you would be able to gain by working with me in this area:

  • Reduce stress and leverage your personal energy
  • Improve your health
  • Sleep better
  • Speed up your learning process
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Stay relaxed
  • Make better decisions and recognize your opportunities

More information about the benefits of having coaching including the Silva Method elements you will find on my website –


Additional services

Having my own businesses and a great relationship with my husband, children, family and friends I can show you the way how to build your business and be in a fulfilling relationship with yourself, your partner, children and people who matter to you.

Business Coaching that I provide to my clients support Entrepreneurs and Start-ups, all  entrepreneurial people who would like to bring their business to the next level. This type of coaching helps to create productive and effective habits for businesses, sole-traders, etc. 

Relationship Coaching will help you to support you in seeking ways to improve your relationship with people (partner, children, family, friends, superiors). I will support you to discover what lies underneath relationship conflict, and how to resolve it together. We look at the unhealthy patterns that keep repeating themselves. Also, you will learn a holistic approach that looks into relationships and behaviour, understanding one another’s psychological and emotional worlds.



One hour coaching session ( face to face / online) – €100

One our coaching session for PSG (Positive Success Group) students – €50


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